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More than two-thirds see their generation as unique and distinct, yet not all self-evaluations are positive.

A majority says that “getting rich” is the main goal of most people in their age group, and large majorities believe that casual sex, binge drinking, illegal drug use and violence are more prevalent among young people today than was the case 20 years ago.

The report is divided into four main sections: (1) Outlook and World View, (2) Technology and Lifestyle, (3) Politics and Policy, and (4) Values and Social Issues.

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Finally, those over age 60 (born before 1946) are called the Seniors.

These generational breaks are somewhat arbitrary but are roughly comparable to those used by other scholars and researchers.

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A new generation has come of age, shaped by an unprecedented revolution in technology and dramatic events both at home and abroad.

They are Generation Next, the cohort of young adults who have grown up with personal computers, cell phones and the internet and are now taking their place in a world where the only constant is rapid change.

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